An unlimited number of QuickBooks Online entities can be integrated with Syft Analytics in a matter of seconds.

Once signed up to Syft, hit "Add Company" at the top right of the screen:

Choose QuickBooks Online from the list of accounting providers:

Syft will redirect you to the QuickBooks Online's website login page where you will be required to enter your QuickBooks Online username and password:

Use the dropdown selector to choose which entity you would like to link to Syft Analytics and hit "Next":

If you are an accounting practice, you have the option to install Syft for your firm or for your clients:

QuickBooks Online will request that you approve access to Syft Analytics. Hit "Connect" to proceed:

Once redirected back to Syft, you will be asked to select the industry of the entity connected. This is to enable our Benchmarking tab to compare the entity to its industry peers. Type the industry or activity that the entity performs and click "COMPLETE SETUP":

Your QuickBooks Online entity will now be connected to Syft and ready to use:

Syft updates every 24 hours with your latest QuickBooks Online data. If you make any changes in QuickBooks Online that you want to show up immediately, be sure to "Refresh Data" on the Syft dashboard:

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